Specialized Polyurethane Binders & Coatings for Sports, Recreation, Commercial, and Industrial Applications

Tru-Motion products utilize a wide range of experience and technology with polyurethane binder and rubber to create applications exclusively for indoor sports surfaces, outdoor running and athletic tracks, and playground surface installations.

Tru-Motion’s chemists combine years of advanced technical expertise to deliver state-of-the art products that perform consistently from the laboratory to each on-site installation. Our experts evaluate your material requirements, determine the best products for your application, and deliver high quality products on time. As members of ASTM, ASBA, and IPEMA, we’re committed to producing superior athletic and recreational surfacing chemistry and the most reliable installation-friendly product for every customer.

Tru-Motion is known for its excellence in workability and application for outdoor running tracks, indoor sports floor coatings, and safe playground surfaces. Tru-Motion also provides many applications for commercial and industrial floor coatings. Our products are unparalleled and are recognized as some of the best in the polyurethane industry.

Indoor Pad & Pour Sports Floor Coatings

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Indoor multi-purpose athletic surfaces require a unique combination of materials for consistent athletic performance and athlete safety. From the adhesive all the way through the game line paint, our products are environmentally friendly without sacrificing durability and ease of maintenance. Our products are also FloorScore® certified.

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Tru-Motion indoor sports and multi-purpose surfacing materials are designed to provide the highest levels of surface performance and have long-wearing capabilities with low maintenance requirements. With 20 plus years of experience in water-based top coat and game line paint technology, Tru-Motion has earned the reputation among installers as the preferred choice for applying indoor surfaces.

Indoor Basketball Court Technical Data

Outdoor Running Track Applications

Runner on Running Track

Our chemists have developed technology that is durable, performance driven, and installer friendly. These binders are available in four distinct chemistries, each designed to meet specific end user requirements and installation parameters. We also offer two IAAF certified track systems.

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  • Tru-Motion one-component moisture cured polyurethane binders are ideally suited to provide outstanding adhesion and durability for the crumb rubber base layer.
  • Tru-motion one- and two-part polyurethane structural sprays provide unparalleled ease of installation and coverage, while providing excellent wear and weather resistance.
  • Aliphatic structural sprays are available where a UV stable surface is required.
  • Tru-Motion full pour elastomer systems are available for the full range of solid elastomer applications.
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The Play Series

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By utilizing our wide range of experience and technology with polyurethane binder rubber applications, Accella has formulated an array of products exclusively for playground surface installation. Tru-Motion Playground Safety Surfaces products are mixed and poured on-site, resulting in a highly durable and weather-resistant surface. Tru-Motion Playground Safety Surfaces products also enhance color fastness and improve installation characteristics of rubberized playground surfaces.

  • Aliphatic binders available for color-fast non-yellowing EPDM surfaces.
  • Custom binder formulations for climatic variation in temperature and humidity.
  • Repair and refinishing systems for reconsolidating existing playground surfaces.

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Tru-Motion is certified IAAF Athletics, a member of IPEMA, and member of American Sports Builders Association. Tru-Motion is environmentally compatible and safe for human application and use.

  • Eco-friendly self-leveling elastomer systems
  • Solvent-free top coats and game line paints
  • Spike-resistant and high durometer systems
  • Custom formulations, design, and coloring
  • One- and two-part polyurethane structural sprays
  • Aliphatic binders available for color-fast non-yellowing EPDM surfaces
  • Repair and refinishing systems
  • FloorScore® Certified
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Indoor Multi-Purpose Athletic Surfaces

Outdoor Running Tracks

Playground Safety Surfaces

Tru-Motion products for outdoor running tracks & poured-in-place safe playgrounds.

  • Largest vertically integrated provider of custom polyurethane formulations, recycled rubber, and custom color EPDM granules.
  • Multiple manufacturing locations of polyurethane and rubber materials throughout the United States.
  • Locations in Delphos, OH, St. Louis, MO, and Los Angeles, CA.